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Grey's LIMS

The Grey's Anatomy Icon Challenge!

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grey's anatomy

Welcome to Grey's Lims! An Icon challenge featuring the hitshow Grey's Anatomy! Every 2 weeks there will be a new challenge, so read the rules, sign up and start designing your icons!'

If you want to participate in the challenge, you should follow the rules:

1. All icons must be LJ size, the size can't be too big, and they should be 100x100.

2. The instructions given by every challenge, must be followed.

3. Voting is anonymous. Don't use the icons anywhere else on the internet. If the votes are anonymous, so there won't be any personal stuff going on.

4. Vote for the icon! Not for the picture featuring the icon, for example, a ship or character that you don't like. It doesn't mean the icon is lame too.

5. Please join the community. It is easier to give you information about new challenges, dates, winners etc.

6. When you submit an icon, just give me the link to it.

That's it. If you have any questions, please ask me.
You can contact me @ alexizzie.online@gmail.com